Hand Painted Slate Quotation or Sign


Motivational Quotation/Sign

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Who doesn’t need a bit of encouragement now and again? With everything we’re going through right now especially in Politics…o.k. I won’t mention it again…we all need a helping hand to get through our days sometimes. A motivational quotation on view gives a certain pick-me-up whenever needed. ‘Go girl! You CAN do this!”

Churchill was a great motivational speaker and many a quotation spoken by him is recalled to this day. Or perhaps the words of a song resonate with you, give you that little spark to get you up out of bed and back on track or maybe it’s a reminder of something or someone sentimental. Maybe you have a relative who is notoriously hard to buy for (I had a Husband like that once!)

Hand painted reclaimed slate sign, from £35 (including delivery in the U.K. If outside the U.K., please contact me directly to arrange shipping) depending on size and wording.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 cm