Lady in Red Fine Art Original


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The Lady in Red Dress sits looking wistfully out of the window…has she been let down? Has she just tried on the dress for size and wishing she had somewhere to wear it? Is she longing to go out but there’s nowhere to go? What’s the story? You decide…where would a woman in a beautiful, long, silky red dress be going? Is the Lady in Red going to the Ball? Is she going to a prom?

The inspiration behind this painting was a beautiful silky, red dress I found whilst browsing in a charity shop. Something I’ve taken to doing since I volunteering in a cancer charity shop (following my own cancer recovery) and I was astonished at the quality of goods people donate. Quite often gowns are cast off with no potential future yet the fabric is incredible. It seems such a waste, so I bought the gorgeous silky, red dress with the intention of making a painting from it.

Original Oil on Canvas. Unframed.

41cm (16″) x 51cm (20″) x (2cm) 3/4″

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Dimensions 41 × 51 cm