Bumble Bee Fine Art Framed Original


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The inspiration for this painting came late one Spring afternoon. We were strolling round graveyards (stick with me here) looking at the ‘scroll’ writing on the headstones (I love a good scroll!) The sun was shining brightly and an abundance of bees were soaking up the warmth as they hastily gathered nectar, buzzing their way from bloom to bloom. I couldn’t watched them for ages, happily going about their work, barely keeping still. Earthy, orangey wisps against dark black body and stark white highlights reflecting in the sun. They were fascinating. Beautiful bumble bees living up to the ‘bumbling’ name.

Framed Oil on Canvas

30cm (12″) x 23cm (9″) (Canvas)
41cm (16″) x 33cm (13″) in Frame

Free shipping.

Dimensions 33 × 41 cm

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