Lorraine Field & Simon Rusden

Sorrento Here We Come!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going back to Italy!!!

I went to Rome very briefly, for three days I believe, back in 1992 when my Son was 3 months old…what a trip that was! I asked my then Husband please not to put the nappy bag (with ALL my supplies in) into the plane hold. You can guess what he did! Yup, put the bag with absolutely everything I needed, into the hold. Ever tried keeping a 3 month old baby’s nappy dry for the duration of a flight? It wasn’t the best start to the break. Oh well, he survived, he’s now a strapping 6’6″, 27 year old so it didn’t do him too much damage.

I’m hoping this trip, with my now partner will be far less stressful! My paints are packed (essential!) and I’ve ‘genned up’ on my iphone camera so I’m counting down the hours until we go.

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