My Story.

A Blank Canvas Beckons Always...

" This, above all, be true to oneself."



Nine out of ten for self-portrait homework task back in 1980 was the catalyst to my lifelong love of art. The mark I achieved inspired me to try again with other portrait painting. It seemed I had a natural knack to achieve a likeness of my subject. Art has helped me through some difficult times; once engrossed in painting, hours disappear! To create an emotional impact with my work is my driving force.

In the midst of a horrible divorce in 2007, I moved to Cornwall to 'pull myself together'. I was then, out of the blue, diagnosed with the big 'C'. With three young children already going through the trauma of divorce, my mindset changed forever. I realised time is THE most important thing in life. My children were (and still are) of paramount importance and dying was just not an option! My diagnosis was not good. Artwork again stepped in to comfort to me and I immersed myself in my beloved painting when I was well enough to lift a brush.

The after effects of chemo and radiation left me barely able to walk. Living near to a beach, I forced myself to walk as far as I could every day, initially with a walking stick. I watched other families enjoying themselves, wondering what was going on in their lives and whether they understood the need to cherish every moment too.
I hope, through my artwork, to convey my deep appreciation of life. To record times and events with luscious oil paintings to kindle a memory that brings a smile to the face of my audience.

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