A Blank Canvas Beckons Always...

In times of anxiety, art provides relief, a distraction, a break away from day-to-day troubles.  

Nine out of ten for a self-portrait homework task back in 1980 was the catalyst to my lifelong love of drawing and painting. My attempt was highly praised and gave me confidence to try again. When people recognised who I'd drawn, I was pleased so tried again and again. Art has been of comfort through some difficult, lonely, distressing times like living alone, divorce and again through diagnosis and treatment of the big 'C' back in 2007. It's my warm blanket in life, my escape, my all time friend who never lets me down.

In the midst of divorce in 2007, I moved to Cornwall to 'pull myself together'. Then, out of the blue, I was shocked to be diagnosed with the big 'C'.

My three young children were already suffering and I decided that I had to do whatever it took to survive. Cancer was not going to win.

Although my diagnosis was not good, in my head, dying was not an option!

My savour again was art. I came across a battered old art book at a second hand stall and set about going back to basics of oil painting. I spent hours absorbed in artwork to distract me from the shock and pain of treatment. I survived and now, I thrive!

Oncology doctors told me, radiation had made irreparable damage to my pelvis. They said I'd have to walk with a stick. I'm stubborn though!
Living near a beach down a hill, I forced myself every day to walk as far as I could. Down and then back up. I also found yoga incredibly helpful.
I watched families enjoying themselves. I wondered if they understood the need to cherish every moment, how fragile life is?
Because of life lessons I've learned, people gravitate towards me for advice. I'm passionate about sharing with you the solace art can give.


Lorraine Field Artist

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