Motivational Art

Lorraine Field

Helloooo my friend and welcome.

I've gathered together some of my latest artwork; I've called it 'motivational artwork' as that is my intention. To motivate and inspire you; to help bring a smile to your face with a thought, a memory, the words of a song, a quotation or perhaps a memory shared with a loved one.

If there's someone special in your life  who you'd like a commission for (even if that's you) or if you'd like a piece of artwork for a specific place, I'd love to hear from you.

 All my best, Lorraine.

Lorraine Field

Slate Quotations and House Signs

A chance find of a hoard of slate underneath an old shed knocked down in my new garden inspired me to paint the name of my new house on it. I shared it on social media and so many people liked it I had requests from friends and family (which then lead to orders - fabulous!)

I'd be happy to paint one for you too!

House Name Slates

For the Happy Couple!

A keepsake with a difference!

With today's couples more often than not co-habiting before making the decision to tie the knot, the 'bottom drawer' concept has gone out of fashion because couples already have the house and belongings. This leaves the dilemma of what to buy as an engagement present or a wedding present. How do you buy a gift that's different, personal, individual, yet useful too? Well stop right here, I have the solution! A plant pot (useful) with a painting of the couple/their dog/something else of meaning to them.

Wedding Present


My first ever murals were Thomas the Tank Engine and The Little Mermaid painted on my kids' wardrobes in their rooms when they were little (all grown up now!). Their junior school asked for my help in painting mural backdrops for their school plays which was a fabulous way to while away a few hours; listening to the children practice their singing whilst I was painting.

I went on to study for a Diploma in Decorative Paint Effects which was fascinating. To transform the colour and appearance of an object with paint, like making wood look like metal, was intriguing.

My first commission was painting a huge 'Balrog' monster (Lord of the Rings) onto the apex wall of a playroom above a garage; I was sooo nervous, but the owners were delighted!

My latest project will be to paint a seaside scene of Hayle onto the side of our newly acquired garage conversion to 'dress up' the currently plain wall for our visitors. I'll add photos once it's complete!

My Story

Where do I begin? The naughty child of two was the start, you know I was the naughty younger child with a sibling who did everything right. The wild child, the dreamer...perhaps that's why I love art so much, I can put down on paper how I'd like things to be, not actually how they are...hhmmm interesting thought that...anyway, as I was saying...with Photoshop unappealing elements can be removed from photographs but artists were doing so in their artwork, way before Photoshop existed.

I was the kid who spent hours drawing at the back of the class when I should really have been listening (who needs commerce anyway? Oh yeah, me now! Why didn't I listen?) I wasn't able to study at University due to family circumstances at the time (a lifelong regret), that said I've made up for it by always revisiting art over and over.

I was recently laid off from my last employment and arranged to meet an artist friend for lunch. She had unfortunately broken her arm and nose on a previously arranged rendezvous so asked for some help carrying supplies home from an art materials shop. That visit reignited my passion yet again...all the lovely blank canvasses just waiting to be painted! I took it as a sign from the Universe to get going again, get back on the horse so to speak!


" This above all be true to oneself." Shakespeare

Lorraine Field Artist

Recent Artworks

I feel extremely grateful to live in a part of the country where artists have been inspired throughout history. Even on a dull day there is plenty to see. I recently moved house to a 'work in progress' Coach House and one of the pleasures of living here is a little bench outside where we sit and watch the birds come to feed. We have two little robins, blue tits plus a black bird and his missus who all come to feed whilst keeping an eye on us. There's always something I want to paint!

Emma Wilcox Quotation Slate

Friendship before Love...

Ain't that the truth?!

This quotation was taken from a little book of poems that I found in a charity shop. I didn't read it for years, then when I did, what a treat it was! Quite profound poems all about love (of every kind), written back in the 1800's.

Each generation thinks the one that has gone before must have felt differently, but love is absolutely the thing that makes the World go around. Nothing else is as important (in my humble opinion!)

Couples Chatting on St Ives Beach in Cornwall
Spring 2019 Artwork

Terracotta Plant Pots

St Ives beach in the Autumn; out strolling on the beach, feeling the warm Autumn sunshine and breathing in fresh sea air.

Birthday Present for Mum

Little Girl in Cerise

This little girl was minding her own business whilst her parents were talking. She was chatting away to herself, oblivious of everything around her.

Present for Sister

Sandcastle Building

Many and hour whiled away playing in the sand...will it be a castle with a moat? A racing car? A fairy garden? Imagination required!