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One of the best feelings ever is to create an emotional impact through my art, whether it be through a commission meant for someone special as a gift, or a reminder of a happy thought or memory kindled by a scene I've painted. I want my artwork to give you goosebumps! To see more about Lorraine Field Artist, read my story.

Based in the beautiful county of Cornwall, inspired by artists who have historically lived within this area; Laura Knight and Henry Scott Tuke.

If you'd like to commission me, I'd love to hear from you - my number is 07766-145068 or complete the contact form telling me more about your request.

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Lorraine Field

My Story

To find out more about where it all began and why I do what I do, read my story.

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My favourite quotation..." This above all be true to oneself." Shakespeare

Lorraine Field Artist
Couples Chatting on St Ives Beach in Cornwall
Spring 2019 Artwork

Terracotta Plant Pots

St Ives beach in the Autumn; out strolling on the beach, feeling the warm Autumn sunshine and breathing in fresh sea air.

Birthday Present for Mum

Little Girl in Cerise

This little girl was minding her own business whilst her parents were talking. She was chatting away to herself, oblivious of everything around her.

Present for Sister

Sandcastle Building

Many and hour whiled away playing in the sand...will it be a castle with a moat? A racing car? A fairy garden? Imagination required!